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With June being national rose month, we only found it fitting to talk roses.

We all know that every rose has its thorn, but did you know that every rose also has its own name?!Many roses are not named for the qualities that they have as a flower, but the qualities the person theyare named after possesses. From the Jack Frost to Sea Gull, we were just as curious as you about whererose names come from.

How Roses Get Their Names

What’s better than a landscape that looks good, but also is edible?! Not a whole lot.

Edible landscapes require some tending to, but are possible in a Colorado climate.  It’s also not just a garden, but can be fruit trees, fruit shrubs, and vegetable or fruit gardens. Incorporating edible plants into landscapes makes your outdoor areas more interesting, colorful, and delicious.

Starting the Growing Process

Pruning 101

The first step to pruning is to think about pruning differently. We prune our landscapes for several different reasons, but the overall task is that humans are simply managing plant growth and encouraging the health of plants.

Why Are You Pruning?

Start out by asking yourself a few questions to determine your pruning goals. This will help you better understand how to approach the plants you want to prune, while establishing the needs of those plants.

Your objectives might be to: 

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Do you have a problem spot in your yard that you just need help with? The professionals at Alpine Gardens can help! Designer Days is one of our most popular seminars! Our expert designers will guide you through fresh, new ideas for your landscape and problem outdoor areas while you help us support children in our community during Designer Days.

Spring showers and warmer temperatures are just around the corner, which means it is time to gear up and get your outdoor areas ready for anything. Lawn and garden care is all about timing, so here are some common tips and tricks to keep your lawn and garden looking great.

Americans spend nearly 90 percent of their time indoors. Allergens, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants travel throughout our inside space’s air on any given day. In the late 1980’s, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America studied using houseplants to purify the air of space facilities. They discovered that several houseplants can significantly help improve the quality of the air, and lucky for us- help clean indoor air on Earth, too!

Here are some common, low maintenance house plants to help spruce up your spaces while purifying your air.  

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