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They’re natural, they’re tasty, and they’re edible. Little do many know, Colorado actually has several edible plants in our natural areas that are consumable. Whether you’re on the trails or in your backyard garden, here are some of the edible plants of Colorado that you can find around our home state.


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There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables grown right in your very own garden. There’s also nothing more frustrating than checking on your edible plants and seeing cracks in your tomatoes.

Why do they split?!

Mid-summer Yard Tips

The temperatures are on the rise, here are some helpful tips to implement in your garden and yard this time of year:

What to do in the garden?

Your summer garden is your pride and joy. While you toil in the sunshine to cultivate its beauty, a swarm of tiny helpers, known as pollinators are right there along-side you. Pollinators are essential to the growth of nuts and fruits, as well as the flourishing of many of your beautiful flowers.

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With June being national rose month, we only found it fitting to talk roses.

We all know that every rose has its thorn, but did you know that every rose also has its own name?!Many roses are not named for the qualities that they have as a flower, but the qualities the person theyare named after possesses. From the Jack Frost to Sea Gull, we were just as curious as you about whererose names come from.

How Roses Get Their Names

What’s better than a landscape that looks good, but also is edible?! Not a whole lot.

Edible landscapes require some tending to, but are possible in a Colorado climate.  It’s also not just a garden, but can be fruit trees, fruit shrubs, and vegetable or fruit gardens. Incorporating edible plants into landscapes makes your outdoor areas more interesting, colorful, and delicious.

Starting the Growing Process

Pruning 101

The first step to pruning is to think about pruning differently. We prune our landscapes for several different reasons, but the overall task is that humans are simply managing plant growth and encouraging the health of plants.

Why Are You Pruning?

Start out by asking yourself a few questions to determine your pruning goals. This will help you better understand how to approach the plants you want to prune, while establishing the needs of those plants.

Your objectives might be to: