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rainy grass

Plant Care

Got Rain?

All this rain has left our northern Colorado planting beds a muddy mess. Soil saturation is typically not something we have to worry about too much in such an arid climate, but this spring has been atypical, to say the least. Check out our tips to stay ahead of the rain!

Christmas Tree

Plant Care

How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

You and the family have bundled up and ventured out to pick out your fresh-cut Christmas tree for the holiday season. Now is the time for bringing it home and keeping it alive through the whole season. Here is a list of steps on how to care for and expand the life of your tree.


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Poinsettia Care

Poinsettias - they’re the most iconic plant of the season and sometimes the most finicky to care for. December 12th marks National Poinsettia Day, so we’re here to give the holiday how-to on all things poinsettia!

Christmas Tree

Plant Care

Why Buy a Real Christmas Tree?

Not only are you supporting a local business when purchasing your live Christmas tree from Fossil Creek Nursery, but there are many benefits to buying a real Christmas tree.

japanese beetle

Plant Care

The Japanese Beetle

Is something eating your roses? Or maybe your grapes? Or your apple trees? Is your grass yellowing? Chances are, it's a Japanese Beetle. Read on to find out how to treat and prevent these pests!

hail damage colorado

Plant Care

Oh, Hail No!

Living in northern Colorado, you’re no stranger to hailstorms. These storms tend to pop up fast and furious and may leave damage behind. Read on how we recommend helping your plants weather the weather!

How to Handle the Summer Sun Colorado

Plant Care

How to Handle the Summer Sun

In the Front Range of Colorado, we experience intense heat, sunlight, and dryness. Since that summer sun is inevitable, we've collected some tips to help keep the damage to a minimum!

spring blooms in the sunshine

Plant Care

It's Heating Up Out Here!

We are starting to get those warmer days! With the heat comes some extra care to ensure that your plants stay happy and healthy! Take a read to see some tips and tricks from Fossil Creek Nursery!

snake plant

Plant Care

No Daylight? No Problem. Flourish in the Fluorescent!

If winter cabin fever has struck and you find yourself daydreaming of gardening outdoors in the warm spring sunlight, wait no longer. While we can’t bottle up the sun and swap its light out for those darn fluorescent tubes, we can dish out some indoor thriving plants that will help brighten up your day.

peace lily

Plant Care

Houseplants for Fresher Air

Many common houseplants do a fine job of removing pollutants from the air around you. Formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide -- all of these and more are more common in our homes than you might think.


Plant Care

The Mighty Mulch

The colder days are coming, and that means it's time for winter care in your yard. Not only are your plants battling the cold, but they are also fighting against the dry weather. The best tool to have in your arsenal? Mulch!

fall leaves

Plant Care

Composting: Fall Leaves

Composting is not only eco-friendly, but it directly benefits you and your garden! Don't chuck your leaves, you're throwing away a great composting additive! An unattended pile of leaves may take two to three years to decompose on its own. So take a look at some tips for composting your fall leaves!