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Plant Care

Winter Tasks for Your Garden


The cooler days are here! Though it doesn't seem like it, there is still plenty to do in the garden!

  • After snowfalls, tamp down the snow around young trees to keep mice and voles from damaging roots and bark.
  • If you have bird feeders, provide water too! A heated birdbath will make upkeep a breeze and will help out the birds stay happy and healthy during the cold weather!
  • Some last-minute mulching will help insulate your plants and help them retain moisture.
  • Be mindful of branches that could use some trimming. This will prevent them from falling and causing damage to your yard or home.
  • Double-check the salt solution for de-icing that you are using for driveways and sidewalks. There are certain chemicals in them that can cause damage to your plants enough to see the effects next spring. Carefully read all instructions and warnings before use!
  • Ensure your sprinklers and water features have been winterized. A freeze can cause major damage

Source: Loveland Youth Gardeners Almanac

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