spring blooms in the sunshine

Plant Care

It's Heating Up Out Here!


I am sure you have noticed that the early heat is affecting the timing of all plant life. Most everything is blooming about two to three weeks ahead of it’s normal cycle. Unfortunately it has not affected the way many people water things, and there are lawns and plants alike that need more water out there!

It is already that time that you should be watering your garden almost every day, this includes your lawn! We have noticed that many lawns have already used that first round of fertilizer up and are looking hungry! They are ready for that second, or in some cases, third shot!

Most of all because of this early heat, you need to watch any plants that you have transplanted or that are newly planted, as they may need more water than just your drip system will provide to get them settled in. I have been watering my newly transplanted plants a little each day for the first two weeks or so because the heat is drying the ground out much faster than usual, just to make sure they don’t show signs of heat stress.

There is a fine line between enough and too much water so you must be careful especially in our wonderful clay soil but new plantings in heat like to be moist. Often times the soil around a new plant can rob a plant of moisture so when planting make sure the soil around the new plant gets moistened. Please watch those new babies and if they need some extra water give them a little!