Four Ways To Spruce Up Your Yard This Winter


Winter in Colorado can be cold and unforgiving. Exteriors of homes and outdoor spaces tend to take a backseat because of the frigid temperatures. The trees are bare, the lawns are covered in snow, and most gardens are covered up for the winter. However, there are still many ways to brighten up your outdoor space and add winter curb appeal to your home!

Birdbaths and fountains are calm and relaxing when they are filled with water in the warmer months. Although your birdbath and fountains have been drained to prevent freezing this winter, you can keep them displayed on your lawn to add a little charm and a welcoming scene to the exterior of your home.

While waiting for spring to arrive, stack or set up a display of pottery to add a pop of color and design to the otherwise dreary front doorstep. They may be missing plants, but they can still catch a neighbor’s eye when walking by.

Lawn decorations are quirky and fun items that can stay up all year round and add a touch of fantasy to your front yard. From garden gnomes and figures to artsy accent pieces and benches, yard décor will stand out amongst the snow. Add a fresh welcome mat to make your home more inviting or hang a colorful flag outside to bring some cheer to your space.

If hardgoods aren’t enough, there are plenty of unique wintertime plants that will bring some color in the winter to your home. Winterberry is a popular choice for winter curb appeal. Its vibrant, red berries remain on its bare stems throughout the cold months and bring a warm contrast to a snowy front yard. Another favorite is Toba Hawthorn. Toba Hawthorn is a hardy tree that produces bright red fruit in the fall that lasts through winter. If you are looking for more wintertime plant options, check out the article Brighten Your Curb Appeal with Winter Bloom at

Many of these items are available at Fossil Creek Nursery, located on S. College Ave in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you need some advice on winter plants, reach out to our knowledgeable nursery staff at 970.226.4924.

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