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Dreaming Of Seeds


Although it's only January, this is the perfect time to start planning your perfect garden!

A proactive approach to kickstarting your garden involves initiating seed germination indoors. Establishing your very own seed-starting system is a rewarding endeavor that adds a personal touch to your gardening journey. A wonderful way to find unique options and get ideas for your garden is by sourcing seeds from your local nurseries, supporting the businesses in your community, and ensuring your selections are well-suited to your region.

"Each type of seed has its own germination and growing requirements, but most seeds need to be started 6 -8 weeks before they will be planted in the ground. To get seeds to germinate, you will need adequate light and soil temperatures above 70 degrees. A warm sunny window may be adequate, but to ensure good germination and sturdy plants some extra help is often required. Cool soil temperatures and too little light will result in poor germination and spindly, weak plants."

We have received our seed selection and our nursery professionals can help you select the perfect plants for your garden.

Come and check out the wide variety of seeds we carry at Fossil Creek Nursery today!

Source: CSU Master Gardener

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