Stop the Splitting in Your Tomatoes


There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables grown right in your very own garden. There’s also nothing more frustrating than checking on your edible plants and seeing cracks in your tomatoes.

Why do they split?!

The most common reason that tomatoes split is due to sudden fluctuations in the amount of water that they receive. Dramatic shifts from dry to moist cause the inside of the tomato to grow faster than the outer skin is able to keep up with, thus causing a crack. This generally happens to tomatoes that are starting to ripen and are more red than they are green. The outer skin of the fruit becomes fragile as they approach their prime ripened stage, making them more prone to cracking.

Split tomatoes are still edible and can be harvested as normal. They won’t store as long as your other plants, so be sure to cook or eat them soon after harvesting them from the vines!

Here’s how to prevent to splits:

- Water your plants once a week with about one to two inches of water right at the roots

- Water your plants evenly and protect them from a severe drought

- Provide your plants with two to three inches of organic mulch to help maintain regular soil moisture levels

- Monitor the temperatures to assess watering needs

- Use a tomato specific fertilizer and apply according to the instructions

- Inconsistencies in watering is the most common cause of tomato splits, but it could also be a lack of calcium. We carry a variety of products in our nursery to help your tomatoes. Stop by today to pick out some end of season tomato plants or ask us about your specific tomato situation.

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