Spring bulbs


The Low-Down on Spring Bulbs


Anytime after April 1st the ground will be warm enough to plant spring bulbs. When you mention spring bulbs many people think you have to dig them up in the fall. For some, this is true but there are also some that you plant and are considered perennials (lily of the valley, foxtail lily, crocosmia, oriental lily, lady’s lord, and Asiatic lilies).

Dahlias, gladiolus, elephant ears, cannas, caladium, and calla lily, to name a few, need to be dug up and stored in a cool place, such as the basement. The process to get them ready for storage is really pretty simple. Dig them up, wash them off, and put them on paper towels or newspaper to dry. Once they are dry simply put them in some sawdust or shredded paper and store them in a cool dry place. It is well worth the extra work to have dinner plate dahlias throughout the summer and fall.

While some are reluctant to plant spring bulbs because it may be uncharted territory, they provide us with an excellent way to add to our pallet in Colorado. Be sure to come in and see our extensive selection today!

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