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April can be a confusing time in northern Colorado: is it warm, is it cold, is it sunny, is it snowy? Who knows! Slowly but surely, though, temperatures are rising. So, what should you be doing in your garden this time of year?

Watering: During April in northern Colorado, you really want to be sure not to let your plants get too dry. Water your landscape about once a week, depending upon what Mother Nature throws at us.


Happy first day of spring! The sun is out and it’s beginning to warm up here in northern Colorado. Fossil Creek Nursery is excited to welcome in some new plants to our selection this season. These may be the perfect addition to make your yard pop!


Hydrangea fans rejoice! We have new hydrangeas in varying colors, the Invincible Mini Mauvette and the Invincible Wee White. These plants form a cluster of flowers on strong stems that will appear from the early summer through fall and do best in full sun.

seed potatoes

If you’ve never grown potatoes, this is the year to try it! Colorado is one of the top producers of potatoes in the US because they do so well in our climate. The plants are fairly easy to work with and imagine how rewarding it will be to cook with your own, homegrown potatoes. But how are they produced? Do potatoes have seeds?

What are Seed Potatoes?


Now is the best time to start purchasing and finding the right seeds for your summer garden. Seeds are a great option because they are cheaper than starts, and there is always a huge variety of soon-to-be plants to choose from. Planting seeds is also a huge accomplishment when you get to see all your hard work grow into edible food or a beautiful flower. If you are a novice gardener, here are a few steps to help you on your way to successful seed starting!

Step 1: Visit Fossil Creek Nursery and Pick Out Your Seeds

bearss lime
Citrus Plants

Were you under the impression that all plants hibernate during the winter? Think again! Right now, our citrus plants are growing at full force, blossoming and ready to produce some deliciously sweet fruit. At Fossil Creek Nursery, we love that these plants have vibrant colors and are so aromatic. A citrus could be the perfect addition to your home. We’ve spent years learning about which plants thrive in Colorado, and we can help you choose some citrus to liven your place up!

Recycle Christmas Tree

Here are five places to recycle your Christmas tree for free around Fort Collins from now – January 21, 2019. 

holiday plants

Is your Christmas décor missing something? Are you looking for a holiday gift for someone? Live plants bring vibrant colors and a natural, comforting vibe to any home this time of year. They also make a great gift for family, friends, coworkers and more. When it comes to holiday plants, Fossil Creek Nursery has you covered! Below is a list of six of Fossil Creek Nursery’s top picks for holiday plants.

Christmas Cacti

christmas tree

You and the family have bundled up and ventured out to pick out your fresh cut Christmas tree for the holiday season. Now is the time for bringing it home and keeping it alive through the whole season. Here is a list of steps on how to care for and expand the life of your tree.

1. Cut the base of the tree

Before putting your tree in a tree stand, make a fresh cut of ¼ to ½ inch to the base of your tree. This will allow the trunk to take in more water to spread throughout the tree’s branches.

2. Water


The mood-boosting, healthy effects indoor plants have on our wellness and our home

With the cold weather creeping in and the sun setting earlier, it’s time to bring the outdoors inside! Houseplants are the perfect way to still feel close to nature and to continue to dream of those warm summer days. Not only do houseplants add a pretty aesthetic to your home, but they also provide plenty of health benefits too. By adding a few houseplants to your home, they can boost your health and add a pop of color to your life.

Enhance Your Mood and Health

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