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Night time temperature drops with the mix of daytime sunshine can only mean one thing: it’s time to bury your bulbs! In your garden, that is.

The end of September is the start of the “second season” of outdoor planting and whether you’re a beginner plant caretaker or have a master green thumb, planting flowering bulbs is almost foolproof. Fossil Creek Nursery just received a huge shipment of fall bulbs and we’re here to give you the tips and tricks to these blooming beauties!

Plan to Start Planting

Good morning, autumn. The turn of a new season means new calendars, new holidays and new events at your local, plant nursery!

Friends, mark your calendars for Fossil Creek Nursery’s very own, Harvest Fest. Happening on Saturday, October 7th from 10 am – 3 pm, our fest has been enjoyed by thousands over the years! 

We will be bringing in several samples of the varieties of apples that grow right here in Colorado to the nursery. Fest go-ers will be able to taste the different flavors from these tasty fruits and then vote for your favorite.

September is that sweet spot between summer heat, crisp mornings and leaf color changes. That being said, Colorado is infamous for having a spectacular outdoor architecture and September marks the start of road trips to the mountains to see the color changes of aspen trees.

Don't miss out on our BIG fall sale! Running September 14th through September 20th, and remember: the early bird gets the worm.

The fruits of your landscape are one of the most rewarding benefits to gardening. Being able to pull your home-grown vegetables and fruits inside inspires masterful creations for the kitchen. This time, we want you to bring your masterpieces to us.

Join us for a salsa competition on September 2nd to be entered to win prizes to Fossil Creek Nursery!


Let's talk trees!

Colorado fall is just around the corner, which means changing leaves and fall themed trees. Autumn Blaze Maple trees are beautiful, friendly giants that will thrive in any backyard. Their weaving branches, lush leaves and brilliant colors are not only visually appealing, but are easy to care for. We’re here to tell you all about these tantalizing trees!

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Fossil Creek Nursery is located at 7029 S. College Ave. | 970-226-4924

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They’re natural, they’re tasty, and they’re edible. Little do many know, Colorado actually has several edible plants in our natural areas that are consumable. Whether you’re on the trails or in your backyard garden, here are some of the edible plants of Colorado that you can find around our home state.


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Fossil Creek Nursery is located at 7029 S. College Ave. | 970-226-4924