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Past Event

Planting for Pollinators - Virtual Course

This class will discuss how to get wonderful and gorgeous pollinators to your landscape. Pollinators are essential to any healthy garden or landscape. We have our experts discuss what to plant to attract birds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Additionally, how to protect them and how to maximize seeing all of them in your own yard!


Right Plant, Right Place

When planting, it's important to know the correct place for the plant you have chosen. We are here to guide you on the importance of location and plant needs when growing! Join us to learn more about how to get the most out of the area that you have!


Planting for Privacy

Are you looking to block out an eyesore in your backyard? Or maybe get a little privacy from your annoying neighbors? We've got you and your yard covered! Join us in learning what plants are perfect for providing privacy in your landscape!



Did you know that groundcovers act as a superhero for your landscape? It's true! The benefits are not only endless, but they may surprise you! If you are interested in covering some areas in your yard or want an alternative to a water-wasting lawn, join us for this class!


The Grass Class

Ornamental grasses? Turf grasses? What of it?? We are here to give you the full rundown on all things grass! We will go into detail about the different kinds of grasses and the benefits that they can bring to your landscape!


Plan to Plant

Did you know we are approaching another planting season? Learn what you should be planting and why now is a perfect time to plant! We have our expert tips and tricks to keep blooms in your yard and bring life to the end of summer. Plus, tips on ensuring your plants get the best chance to survive winter!

Plant Care

Propagation 101

Did you know that propagation is an incredibly easy way to double your plant inventory, fill in a leggy plant, or save a dying plant? It's true! Join us in learning how to propagate your favorite kinds of plants from water to soil!