Yarrow, Little Susie
Yarrow, Little Susie

Pink flat top flower clusters, compact growing Yarrow that forms blo

Moon Dust Yarrow
Yarrow, Moon Dust

Moon Dust Yarrow is a newer variety that has stunning buttery yellow flat-top flowers which...

Moonshine Yarrow
Yarrow, Moonshine

A prolific bloomer, with ferny foliage that can tolerate poor soils. Great plant for a xeric...

Yarrow, New Vintage Red
Yarrow, New Vintage Red

Showy flat-top red flowers with creamy white eyes . The flowers are excellent for cutting. It...

New Vintage Rose Yarrow
Yarrow, New Vintage Rose

A deep rose pink flat top flower rise above a compact mound of gray green foliage. This flower...

New Vintage Violet Yarrow
Yarrow, New Vintage Violet

Violet flat topped flowers rise above gray green compact mound of foliage on gray green stems....

New Vintage White Yarrow
Yarrow, New Vintage White

This variety has pure white flat top flowers that rise above ferny green compact mounding...

Oertel's Rose Yarrow
Yarrow, Oertel's Rose

A prolific bloomer with ferny foliage that can tolerate poor soils. Great plant for a xeric...

Paprika Yarrow
Yarrow, Paprika

A prolific bloomer with fern like foliage that can tolerate poor soils. Flowers will appear in...

Pink Grapefruit Yarrow
Yarrow, Pink Grapefruit

Masses of bright deep rose flat top flowers rise above the ferny compact foliage and with age...

Yarrow Pomegranate
Yarrow, Pomegranate

Beautiful Magenta Blooms rise above the finely cut gray green foliage attrating butterflies...

Pretty Woman Yarrow
Yarrow, Pretty Woman

The vibrant red flower clusters rise above grayish green finely cut foliage.  Butterflies are...