Admiration Barberry
Barberry, Admiration

Orange -red foliage with yellow margins turning bright red in fall.

Red Carpet Barberry
Barberry, Red Carpet

Bright orange new growth emerges in spring, turning burgundy during the summer. Plant in full...

Chocolate Flower
Flower, Chocolate

Daisy-like flowers feature yellow rays, maroon-brown center discs, and green cup-like bracts,...

Wild Four O'Clocks
Four O'Clocks, Wild

Wide spreading mounded plant with rigid stems and thick bluish-green foliage hosting large,...

Miss Heidi Cranesbill Geranium
Geranium, Cranesbill Miss Heidi

Bright tri-color blossoms with violet-blue petals, a vibrant a pink center and white eyes that...

Hackberry, Common
Hackberry, Common

A valuable shade tree with moderate to rapid growth. Performs well under adverse conditions...

Hardy Jasmine
Hardy Jasmine

Semi-evergreen shrub with 1" long oblong leathery leaves on arching green stems. The 1/2"-3/4"...

Horsechestnut, Red
Horsechestnut, Red

Broad, rounded dense shade tree with large (up to 10") red blooms in late spring. Fairly...

Orange Carpet Hummingbird Trumpet
Hummingbird Trumpet, Orange Carpet

This forms a low-growing mat of small green leaves, bearing many small scarlet orange trumpet...

Millstone Japanese Pagoda
Japanese Padgoda, Millstone

An elegant small shade tree that has attractive leaves, showy panicles of lightly scented...

Pfitzer Juniper
Juniper, Pfitzer

This juniper has a dense, bushy habit that makes it a wonderful choice for a wind break or...

Linden, American
Linden, American

Large, green leaves and dense spreading head. Fragrant flowers in early summer. Rapid grower...