Issai Beautyberry
Beautyberry, Issai

A cultivar of purple beautyberry chosen for its compact growth habit and early fruiting age....

Pygmy Caragana
Caragana, Pygmy

A.K.A. Pygmy Pea Shrub. Graceful foliage and a fine texture with light green color. Small...

Symphoricarpos orbiculatus
Coralberry, Indian Currant

Upright, spreading habit with slender branches, yellowish white, flushed rose flowers, and...

Magic Berry Coralberry
Coralberry, Magic Berry

Magic Berry is compact and graceful, with a sturdy arching habit.

Fireside Ninebark
Ninebark, Fireside

Reddish new growth, pinkish-white flowers bloom in spring and foliage turns deep purple in...

Boulder Raspberry flower
Raspberry, Boulder

Large single flowers from May to June on this bright green deciduous shrub. Fruit is seedy and...

Dwarf Garland Spirea
Spirea, Dwarf Garland

Single flowers in early spring. Good compact xeriscape border plant. Leaves are thinner than...