Flutterby Pink Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Flutterby Pink

Continuous pink bloom from summer until frost.

Butterfly Bush, L&B Ice Chip
Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold Ice Chip

Ice Chip has a dwarf spreading habit and is covered in white flowers all summer. Cut back to 6...

Lo & Behold® Pink Micro Chip Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold® Pink Micro Chip

A petite new variety with abundant, tiny blooms of pink. This little charmer re-blooms...

 Lo & Behold® Pink Micro Chip Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold® Pink Micro Chip

Reaching  only 24" tall this petite variety gets tiny flowers too, having almost the look of...

Miss Molly Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Miss Molly

Miss Molly pushes the color spectrum with blooms boasting rich hues of dark Sangria-red....

Miss Violet Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Miss Violet

A compact mounding shrub with dark purple flowers that bloom summer through fall attracting...

Dwarf European Cranberry
Cranberry, Dwarf European

Extremely dense mounded form.  Does well in shade or sun.  Rarely flowers.

Lemony Lace Elder
Elder, Lemony Lace

A beautiful selection with chartreuse deeply cut foliage that first emerges dark red.. This...

Show Off Starlet Forsythia
Forsythia, Show Off Starlet

This new variety of forsythia shows of its mass of bright yellow flowers in early spring from...

Bobo Hydrangea
Hydrangea, Bobo

A new variety which will be engulfed in creamy white flowers providing a non-stop show through...

Little Quick Fire Hydrangea
Hydrangea, Little Quick Fire

This compact size hydrangea is early blooming,with white flowers that transforms to pink-red...

Sarabande Miscanthus Grass
Maiden Grass, Sarabande

Narrow selection having rich green blades with a white midrib.