Antelope Bitterbrush
Antelope Bitterbrush

Semi-evergreen shrub. Dark green leaves with a silver underside. Flowers are very fragrant. ...

Honeyrose Honeysuckle
Honeysuckle, Honeyrose

Hybrid variety with deep rosy-red flowers. Attractive deep blue-green foliage on upright...

Wavyleaf Oak
Oak, Wavyleaf

Irregular rounded small tree or large shrub, native to the southern Rocky Mountains.  Thick,...

Easy Elegance® Champagne Wishes Rose
Rose, Champagne Wishes

Clusters of soft apricot buds open fully to blooms of antique white with just a hint of...

Rose, Funny Face

Funny Face is an Easy Elegance series introduction that features pink and white blended blooms...

Daphne Spirea
Spirea, Daphne

Small leaves on short wiry branches, each tipped with a cluster of flowers.  A good full sun...

Cutleaf Smooth Sumac
Sumac, Cutleaf Smooth

Similar to smooth sumac but the leaves are finely divided.

Tiger Eyes Sumac Fall Color
Sumac, Tiger Eyes

An introduction from Bailey Nurseries. New growth is vivid chartreuse green, quickly changing...

Alleghany Viburnum
Viburnum, Alleghany

Large, rounded semi-evergreen shrub with wrinkled leaves.  Creamy white flowers in May...