Powis Castle Artemisia
Artemisia, Powis Castle

Fragrant foliage perennial with finely textured silver-gray foliage. Prefers dry, sandy soil...

Sea Foam Artemisia
Artemisia, Sea Foam

Plant Select 2004    Swirling, curly, filigreed leaves add nice texture to the garden.. A low...

Siiver Brocade Artemisia
Artemisia, Silver Brocade

Felt-like, silver foliage has uniquely shaped leaves of deeply divided, rounded lobes that...

Silvermound Artemisia
Artemisia, Silver Mound

Finely cut, fragrant, silver foliage, gives a soft effect in the garden. Heat and drought...

Artemisia, Valerie Finnis

An outstanding perennial with fragrant silver, lanced-shaped leaves. Heat and drought tolerant...

Alma Potschke Aster
Aster, Alma Potschke

 Rosy pink daisies with bright yellow centers, this robust perennial offers late summer color...

Audrey Aster
Aster, Audrey

Clusters of light purple, daisy-like flowers will create a wonderful pop of fall color. Best...

Blue Star Japanese Aster
Aster, Blue Star Japanese

Daisy-like flowers have pale blue petals with golden yellow centers on a compact mound of...

Aster, Daydream
Aster, Daydream

Clusters of lavender blue, daisy-like flowers will create a wonderful pop of fall color. Early...

Aster Days
Aster, Days

Clusters of blue- lavender, daisy-like flowers with a orange center will create a wonderful...

Fall Aster Dragon
Aster, Dragon

This fall aster forms bushy clumps, bearing loads of small daisy flowers, medium-sized, with...

Lady in Black Aster
Aster, Lady in Black

A large aster with clusters of white blooms with bright pink centers.