Sarabande Miscanthus Grass
Maiden Grass, Sarabande

Narrow selection having rich green blades with a white midrib.

Maiden Grass, Silver Feather
Maiden Grass, Silver Feather

Free flowering maiden grass with silvery to pale pinkish brown panicles in early to mid-autumn...

Sugar Tip® America Irene Scott Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon, Sugar Tip® America Irene Scott

This eye-catching Rose of Sharon has brightly variegated creamy-white and bluish-green foliage...

Carefree Wonder Rose
Rose, Carefree Wonder

Carefree wonder is an upright, bushy shrub rose with 3-4" double pink blooms that are produced...

Morden Fireglow Rose
Rose, Morden Fireglow

A Parkland series rose.  Very unique color blooms that are between scarlet and orange. Double...

Sevillana Meidiland Rose
Rose, Sevillana Meidiland

Sevillana Meidiland is a low spreading rose that has long arching canes.  Clusters of 3" semi...

Woods Rose
Rose, Woods

Woods rose is a native species to the Rocky Mountains.  Blooms once per year, with light pink...

Rainbow Pillar Serviceberry
Serviceberry, Rainbow Pillar

Rainbow Pillar was chosen for its stron, upright habit, making it perfect for screens or...

Ruby Spice Summersweet
Summersweet, Ruby Spice

An upright growing form of summersweet that tolerates shade and full sun. Pink flowers in...

September Beauty Summersweet
Summersweet, September Beauty

This compact summersweet variety is noted for its late September bloom. The extremely fragrant...

Cloud Nine Switch Grass
Switchgrass, Cloud Nine

This switch grass sports light blue foliage, with a height of 8 feet and large airy panicles...

Dallas Blues Switchgrass
Switchgrass, Dallas Blues

'Dallas Blues' is a robust grower with awesome blue foliage and tan, aging to pink, flower...