Yellow Grove Bamboo
Bamboo, Yellow Grove

A hardy bamboo that has a yellow strip on a dark green culm. This is one of the hardiest...

Hardy Pampas / Plume Grass
Hardy Pampas / Plume Grass

Clumping habit with 2' long white plumes in the fall. A very reliable grass. Excellent winter...

Eastern Red Cedar Juniper
Juniper, Eastern Red Cedar

A densely pyramidal plant when young, becoming slightly pendulous with age.  Very adaptable. <...>

One Seed Juniper
Juniper, One Seed

Native with an irregularly upright to rounded shape, grey-green to bluish foliage.  One-seeded...

Pfitzer Juniper
Juniper, Pfitzer

This juniper has a dense, bushy habit that makes it a wonderful choice for a wind break or...

Seagreen Juniper
Juniper, Seagreen

Dense, upright habit with arching branches and lush, green foliage.  Also known as Mint Julep....

Sky High Juniper
Juniper, Sky High

A Rocky Mountain Juniper variety with silvery blue foliage, strong and  narrow.

Sarabande Miscanthus Grass
Maiden Grass, Sarabande

Narrow selection having rich green blades with a white midrib.

Striped Giant Reed
Striped Giant Reed

A very decorative variegated, bamboo-like grass with broad cream stripes on the glaucous...

Cloud Nine Switch Grass
Switchgrass, Cloud Nine

This switch grass sports light blue foliage, with a height of 8 feet and large airy panicles...