Big Bluestem
Big Bluestem

A native American prairie grass.  Erect clumps of arching linear blue-green leaves changing to...

Honeyrose Honeysuckle
Honeysuckle, Honeyrose

Rose red flowers bloom in early summer and continue through fall on this large upright...

Bluestem Joint Fir
Joint Fir, Bluestem

Unique mounding shrub with upright, slender blue stems, which are the leaflets. Striking...

Little Bluestem
Little Bluestem

Native, upright blue grass which changes to rich orangey wheat color in the fall and winter....

Muhly Grass, Regal Mist
Muhly Grass, Regal Mist

Fine textured leaves and masses of tall, delicate vibrant rosy-red blooms in late summer....

Sunrise Sunset Rose bloom
Rose, Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset's blooms are true to name and feature a blend of pinks and oranges.  Disease...

Blue Arctic Willow
Willow, Dwarf Arctic

Fine blue foliage. Purple twigs in winter. Hardy, attractive shrub that makes a good hedge. ...

Yucca Baccata
Yucca, Banana

This Yucca is in the agave family. One of the most attractive Yuccas.  Leaves are stiff...

Soapweed Yucca
Yucca, Soapweed

 Thin leaf native yucca.  Blue-green foliage.  Tall bloom stalks.