Patriot Blueberry
Blueberry, Patriot

Patriot has the largest berry of the early season blueberries. This blueberry has outstanding...

St. Cloud Blueberry
Blueberry, St. Cloud

St. Cloud will produce excellent crops of large, sweet blue fruit that ripens in mid July.

Catawaba Grape
Grape, Catawba

 This vigorous vine will grow medium-size clusters of round dull purple-red grapes. The grapes...

Nugget Hop Vine
Hop Vine, Nugget

A vigorous vine that can grow up to 20’ a year. Papery cone-like fruits (hops) appear in late...

Porcelain Berry Vine
Porcelain Berry, Elegans

Vigorous vine with leaves emerging greenish white, tinged in pink, becoming variegated with...

Trumpet Vine
Trumpet Vine

Large trumpet-shaped flowers in summer.  Excellent hummingbird and butterfly attractant. ...