Lydia Broom
Broom, Lydia

A.K.A. Hardy Dwarf Broom.  Slow, but steady grower formaing an impressive groundcover-like...

Coral Beauty Cotneaster
Cotoneaster, Coral Beauty

Semi-evergreen groundcover with coral-red berries that persist through the winter. Small...

Cranberry Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster, Cranberry

Deciduous, wide-spreading shrub. Red berries stay on through the winter.

Rock Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster, Rock

Stiff, spreading, fan-like branches are covered with glossy green, semi-evergreen leaves. Pink...

Cypress, Russian
Cypress, Russian

A.K.A. Siberian Cypress. Low spreading evergreen having feathery dull green foliage on a...

Blondy Euonymus
Euonymus, Blondy

Rich emerald green foliage with a large gold "thumb print" in the center. Excellent...

Harlequin Euonymus
Euonymus, Harlequin

Striking evergreen groundcover with green, cream, and yellow speckled foliage. Needs some...

Ivory Jade Euonymus
Euonymus, Ivory Jade

Low growing evergreen shrub with dense branching. Large rich green leaves with ivory margins,...

Moonshadow Euonymus
Euonymus, Moonshadow

Compact evergreen shrub with bright yellow central leaf variegation with deep green, glossy...

Fir, Starker's Dwarf Korean
Fir, Starker's Dwarf Korean

A soft green Korean fir, nest shaped when young, developing into a mounding shape with age....

Hemlock, Cole's Spreading
Hemlock, Cole's Spreading

A dwarf, pendulous form with stiffly weeping main branches. Makes a truly prostrate growing...

Hemlock, Elizabeth Mountain
Hemlock, Elizabeth Mountain

A beautiful blue, prostrate form of mountain hemlock with stout branches densely clothed with...