White wooly leaves with flower heads surrounded by floral leaves in starlike clusters.

Silver Carpet Lamb's Ear
Lamb's Ear, Silver Carpet

Soft silver leaves add different color and texture to the garden.  This variety is flowerless....

Pink Pussytoes
Pink Pussytoes

A mat forming groundcover that tends to be evergreen with spoon shaped silvery leaves. Pink...

Gardener's World Rose Campion
Rose Campion, Gardener's World

Fuzzy silvery leaves on tall stems which hold double blood red flowers for most of the summer....

Platinum Sage
Sage, Platinum

Great looking silver foliage makes a nice backdrop to spikes of large, clear blue flowers....

Blue Creek Willow
Willow, Blue Creek

Creeping or low spreading willow with fine textured silvery gray foliage. Can be used for...