Adonis Blue Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Adonis Blue

Upright shrub with slender, arching stems and narrow green foliage. Terminal flower spikes are...

Bud's Yellow Dogwood
Dogwood, Bud's Yellow

A yellowtwig dogwood chosen for its resistance to twig blight (Canker).


Drought tolerant, aromatic shrub with white flower clusters throughout the summer. Small, gray...

Endless Summer Hydrangea
Hydrangea, Endless Summer

Mop-head type of bigleaf hydrangea with the unique ability to bloom consistently on old and...

Cheyenne Mockorange
Mockorange, Cheyenne

Broadly rounded to upright variety out of the Cheyenne research station, having dence racemes...

Nanking Cherry
Nanking Cherry

Small pink buds open to beautiful blossoms in early spring. Edible red fruit in late summer...

Gold Drop Potentilla
Potentilla, Gold Drop

Graceful low shrub with bright yellow flowers all summer.

Lil' Kim Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon, Lil' Kim

   This is a dwarf variety of this very popular species of flowering shrub.  Heavily veined...

Bonica Shrub Rose
Rose, Bonica

This Meidiland introduction shrub rose has made a name for itself in the plant world since its...

Carefree Beauty Rose
Rose, Carefree Beauty

This shrub rose was bred at Iowa State University to withstand the harsh winters of the...

Carefree Sunshine Rose
Rose, Carefree Sunshine

This rounded shrub rose produces clusters of 3-3.5" semi-double yellow flowers.  One of the...

Hansa Rose
Rose, Hansa

This very tough rose has been beautifying gardens for over a century!  Hansa is one of the...