Blue Hair Grass
Blue Hair Grass

Is an ideal border plant, non-invasive and attractive as an accent or along an edge. Has...

Blue Lyme Grass
Blue Lyme Grass

Bluest color of all the grasses. Vigorous, spreading xeriscape plant. No seed heads on this...

Fescue, Blue
Fescue, Blue

Tuft grass. Blue in color with nice globe shape. Works well in mass plantings. Will re-seed...

Fescue, Boulder Blue
Fescue, Boulder Blue

This cultivar of Blue Fescue is slightly smaller and will form a nice tight clump. Wheat-like...

Fescue, Elijah Blue
Fescue, Elijah Blue

Silvery, blue foliage forms a nice clump. Looks nice in mass plantings and is tolerant of...

Beyond Blue Fescue Grass
Grass, Beyond Blue Fescue

Lovely grass with metallic blue spiky foliage that holds its color.

Blue Chip Juniper
Juniper, Blue Chip

Silvery-blue color on a low mounding, spreading plant.  Silvery plum purple in winter.

Holbert Juniper
Juniper, Holbert

Bright blue foliage. Could be used as a blue subsititute for Buffalo.

The Blues Little Blue Stem Grass
Little Bluestem, The Blues

Similar to Little Bluestem but the foliage is especially blue in color.

Blue Sedge Grass
Sedge, Blue

This clumping sedge has silvery-blue blades and prefers high moisture and a part shaded area....

Blue Spruce Sedum
Sedum, Blue Spruce

Forms a mat of succulant, evergreen like,  blue foliage. Does well in rockgardens and areas...

Dietz Weeping Spruce
Spruce, Dietz Weeping

Similar to 'Procumbens', Dietz grows about a foot tall on the ground, gracefully weeps and...