Fire Chief Arborvitae
Arborvitae, Fire Chief

Nearly perfectly globe-shaped shrub with fine, bright golden spring foliage and fantastic deep...

Ginnala Flame Maple
Maple, Ginnala Flame

This Ginnala has a rounded habit and is usually found in clump form.The samara will turn...

Korean Mountain Ash
Mountain Ash, Korean

Simple, dark green leaves all summer. Interesting speckled bark with flowers in spring,...

Red leafed Mukdenia
Mukdenia, Red Leafed

Maple-like leaves emerge bright green in spring, then to bronze-green, and by summer mature to...

Red Rage Tupelo
Tupelo, Red Rage

Dark green glossy foliage in summer and with the onset of fall the foliage turns bright red.

My Monet® Sunset Weigela
Weigela, My Monet® Sunset

A dwarf variety with soft, rosy pink flowers which bloom on attractive yellow and green...