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Yucca Baccata
Yucca, Banana

This Yucca is in the agave family. One of the most attractive Yuccas.  Leaves are stiff...

Bright edge Yucca
Yucca, Bright Edge

Similar in habit to Adam’s Needle.  Each leaf has a soft green color with vivid yellow margins...

Golden Sword Yucca
Yucca, Golden Sword

Golden Sword has bright yellow foliage with a dark green edge which is brightest in the spring...

Red Yucca
Yucca, Red

A dense, elegant evergreen with narrow, leathery, arching, grey-green leaves. Slender branched...

Soapweed Yucca
Yucca, Soapweed

 Thin leaf native yucca.  Blue-green foliage.  Tall bloom stalks.

Al's Garden Art Zen 2-tier Fountain
Zen 2-tier Fountain, Al's Garden Art

Zen Fountain Tall, 2-Tier
Shown in:

 Gold on Blue Zinnia
Zinnia, Gold on Blue

This native ground cover will produce an abundance of yellow flowers from mid summer up until...

Prairie Zinnia
Zinnia, Prairie

Papery yellow flowers with red-brown centers.  Profuse bloomer. Great groundcover for slopes. ...