Oriental Allegro Poppy
Poppy, Oriental Allegro

This variety forms a low clump of coarse, hairy leaves, scarlet-orange blooms, with a black...

Brilliant Oriental Poppy
Poppy, Oriental Brillant

Brillant is a great name for this poppy as it has wildfire scarlet blooms with prominent black...

Flamenco Dancer Oriental Poppy
Poppy, Oriental Flamenco Dancer

Oriental Poppies form small mounds of course hairy dark green leaves. This variety is taller,...

Raspberry Queen Oriental Poppy
Poppy, Oriental Raspberry Queen

A beautiful raspberry pink flower with ruffled edges and black spots around the raspberry...

Turkenlouis Oriental Poppy
Poppy, Oriental Turkenlouis

Oriental Popies form a mound of dark green hairy foliage and above the foliage this one...

Citrus Tart Potentilla
Potentilla, Citrus Tart

Double gold blooms throughout the summer, highlight small, finely textured dark green foliage...

	Creme Brulee Potentilla
Potentilla, Creme Brulee

This new double flowering potentilla really adds a pop of white to the landscape. Bright white...

Happy Face® Pink Paradise Potentilla
Potentilla, Happy Face® Pink Paradise

Cherry pink blossoms begin mid-spring and bloom all the way to frost! The flowers are semi...

Lemon Meringue Potentilla
Potentilla, Lemon Meringue

Very showy, double light yellow flowers cover a compact, round, ball like shrub.

Potentilla, Mango Tango
Potentilla, Mango Tango

This potentilla vairety has striking bicolor flowers that displays orange radiating from the...

Snowbird Potentilla
Potentilla, Snowbird

Single white blooms that double with age on this potentilla variety which is drought tolerant...

Cheyenne Privet
Privet, Cheyenne

Excellent hedge plant. Small dark green leaves hang on into late autumn. Fragrant white...