Giant Green Arborvitae
Arborvitae, Green Giant

A broad pyramidal evergreen with lustrous medium green foliage that changes to a brownish tint...

Red Jewel Crabapple
Crabapple, Red Jewel

Upright, pyramidal crab with dark green foliage and very persistent 1/2" cherry red fruit.

Blue Cloak Concolor Fir
Fir, Concolor Blue Cloak

A beautiful dwarf cultivar with striking powder blue, medium sized needles arranged on gently...

Martha's Vineyard Subalpine Fir
Fir, Subalpine Martha's Vineyard

Polly Hill Arboretum near Martha´s Vineyard discovered this phenominal mid sized blue Alpine...

Cologreen Juniper
Juniper, Cologreen

Bright green, soft and feathery foliage on compact upright branches.

Eastern Red Cedar Juniper
Juniper, Eastern Red Cedar

A densely pyramidal plant when young, becoming slightly pendulous with age.  Very adaptable. <...>

Gray Gleam Juniper
Juniper, Gray Gleam

Silvery-gray bluish foliage on a compact pyramidal grower. 

Medora Juniper
Juniper, Medora

Bluish-green foliage on a dense columnar form.  Slow-growing.

Moonglow Juniper
Juniper, Moonglow

Bright silvery-blue foliage on a broadly pyramidal form.

Spartan Juniper
Juniper, Spearmint

Foliage is bright green on a columar plant. Also known as Spartan.

Welch Juniper
Juniper, Welch

Silvery blue-green foliage of a dense, narrowly pyramidal habit.

Corinthian Linden
Linden, Corinthian

 Corinthian Linden has a dense pyramidal form, shaped much like a spruce tree; small glossy...