Peter lll Fall Aster
Aster, Peter lll

This fall aster forms bushy clumps, bearing loads of fluffy double soft lavender-blue blossoms...

Pink Bouquet Fall Aster
Aster, Pink Bouquet

Clusters of pink, daisy-like flowers will create a wonderful pop of fall color. Best to trim...

Bear's Breech
Bear's Breech

Dramatic plant with large tropical-looking, deep green, glossy leaves and purple and white...

Bridge's Penstemon
Beardtongue, Bridges

Green bushy foliage with spikes of striking scarlet tubular flowers.  To 8,500’

Candy Cat Catmint
Catmint, Candy Cat

Forms a rounded upright clump of glossy dark green leaves and atop  pale lavender-pink flowers...

Cool Cat Catmint
Catmint, Cool Cat

Upright rounded shape which blooms lilac blue from early summer to mid summer.

Midnight Rose Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Midnight Rose

A very unique coral bell with dramatic foliage that is deep black-purple and has hot pink...

Black Alagon Currant
Currant, Black Alagon

Black Alagon is a shrub grown for it's berries which are black in color and make good wine,...

Black Consort Currant
Currant, Black Consort

The Consort Black Currant is a beautiful shrub that requires little care and yet provides a...

Becky Shasta Daisy
Daisy, Becky Shasta

Becky is a larger variety of the mainstay Shasta Daisy. It has a white flower with a white...

Daisy, Lacrosse Shasta

Lacrosse is a compact shasta that has unusual white blooms with spoon shaped, quilled petals...

Silver Princess Leucanthemum
Daisy, Silver Princess Shasta

Deep dark green foliage white white flowers that have bright yellow centers.