Balmy Lilac Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Balmy Lilac

Lilac - purple flowers  in abundance , bloom atop dark green foliage on a compact  plant.

Balmy Pink Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Balmy Pink

Bright pink flowers bloom on dark green, minty foliage on a compact plant.

Raspberry Surprise Dianthus
Garden Pinks, Raspberry Surprise

Double pink and burgundy flowers rise above mounding, blue green foliage makes a nice...

Wink Dianthus
Garden Pinks, Wink

Clouds of soft pink fragrant flowers cover sturdy, tight mounds of gray-green foliage

Cherry Choco Latte Hibiscus
Hibiscus, Cherry Choco Latte

8" to 9" flowers that are white with intense deep pink veining.

Baby Joe Pye Weed
Joe Pye Weed, Baby

A clump forming perennial with showy mauve- purple flowers. Attracts butterflies and makes a...

Burgundy Candy Ninebark
Ninebark, Burgundy Candy

The rich burgundy foliage persists through fall. White flowers top the burgundy foliage in...

Snowbird Potentilla
Potentilla, Snowbird

Single white blooms that double with age on this potentilla variety which is drought tolerant...

Blue Hobbit Sea Holly
Sea Holly, Blue Hobbit

The first true dwarf Sea Holly. This plant is sure to provide interest in your xeric garden...

Lil' Bang Starlight Coreopsis
Tickseed, Lil' Bang Starlight Coreopsis

This compact plant has flowers with white petals with a splash of magenta red around the...