Lady in Black Aster
Aster, Lady in Black

A large aster with clusters of white blooms with bright pink centers. 

Burgundy Carousel Barberry
Barberry, Burgundy Carousel

This variety of Japanese barberry has slightly larger, burgundy purple foliage that arches...

Redleaf Barberry
Barberry, Redleaf

Bronzy-red foliage all summer, hidden thorns. Small yellow flowers, red berries and nice fall...


Known mainly for it's spring show, of outstanding bell shaped, pink flowers with yellow...

Currant, King Edward VII

'King Edward VII' is a reliable bloomer in the spring garden, dripping with dark, pinkish-red...

Blue Flax
Flax, Blue

Sky blue flowers on wiry stems of fern-like foliage. Flowers last one day but are borne in...

Dwarf Sapphire flax
Flax, Sapphire Dwarf

Sapphire blue flowers that last until sun set, when petals fall to the ground but not to worry...

Crown Of Rays Solidago
Goldenrod, Crown of Rays

Forms a thick, spreading clump with dense clusters of showy golden blooms that arch from the...

Tolleson's Blue Weeping Juniper
Juniper, Tolleson's Blue Weeping

Attractive, fine textured, string-like silvery gray-blue foliage covered


A great additionn to any garden, deep green foliage bears wonderful shades of purple, bell...

Maiden Grass, Zebra
Maiden Grass, Zebra

Large, arching green blades with horizontal yellow bands and pinkish copper plumes.

Bouquet Blanc Mockorange
Mockorange, Bouquet Blanc

A compact variety of mockorange. The flowers bloom in crowded clusters and are double,Orange...