Petite Delight Monarda
Bee Balm, Petite Delight

Hardy, very compact mounded plant with fragrant deep pink blooms in summer atop aromatic dark...

Freya Campanula
Bellflower, Freya

Hardier, and blooms eariler than the other clustered bellflowers. It produces clusters of star...

Northern Exposure Amber Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Northern Exposure Amber

Brilliant, amber-colored, rounded leaves. This plant will give any shade garden a pop of color...

Dalmatian Purple Foxglove
Foxglove, Dalmatian Purple

Low compact foilage mounds from which striking colums of  bell shaped flowers rise.

Black Eyed Magenta Cranesbill Geranium
Geranium, Cranesbill Black Eyed Magenta

Brilliant magenta flowers marked with black centers above lacy, dark green foliage. Red...

Irish Eyes Hosta
Hosta, Irish Eyes

Medium lance shaped gray- green foliage with narrow white margins.

Invincible Wee White Hydrangea
Hydrangea, Invincibelle Wee White

Dwarf compact, sturdy hydrangea reaching only 1'-2.5' tall and wide. They start blooming in...

Super Blue Lavender
Lavender, Super Blue

Fragrant wands of rich lavender-blue flowers blooming in early and midsummer. Neat, compact...

Banderica Bosnian Pine
Pine, Banderica Bosnian

Dwarf variety with dark green needles and white resin on the needles, buds and candles. Easy...

Goldilocks Jananese White Pine
Pine, Goldilocks Japanese White

A upright variety that has blue green needles that are frosted with a golden yellow.

Indigo Eyes Bosnian Pine
Pine, Indigo Eyes Bosnian

From an early age this pine produces cones up and down the branches, these cones start out a...

Rowe Arboretum Lacebark Pine
Pine, Rowe Arboretum Lacebark

A neater more compact habit and more uniform that the regular Chinese Lacebark Pine.