Kudos Mandarin Hyssop
Agastache, Kudos Mandarin

Fragrant, showy bright mandarin orange flowers adorn bright green fragrant foliage. This plant...

Double Scoop Bubblegum Echincea
Coneflower, Double Scoop Bubblegum

A compact variety with large, double-bloom pure pink flowers a perfect plant for borders and...

Pretty Petticoats Penstemon
Penstemon, Pretty Petticoat

Tall spikes of rich purple blooms with white throats showy off from early summer through early...

Banderica Bosnian Pine
Pine, Banderica Bosnian

Dwarf variety with dark green needles and white resin on the needles, buds and candles. Easy...

Goldilocks Jananese White Pine
Pine, Goldilocks Japanese White

A upright variety that has blue green needles that are frosted with a golden yellow.

Indigo Eyes Bosnian Pine
Pine, Indigo Eyes Bosnian

From an early age this pine produces cones up and down the branches, these cones start out a...

Rowe Arboretum Lacebark Pine
Pine, Rowe Arboretum Lacebark

A neater more compact habit and more uniform that the regular Chinese Lacebark Pine. 

New Mexico Privet
Privet, New Mexico

Syn. Forestiera neomexicana. Broad upright shrub native to the southwest rockies. Small yellow...

Baby Bomb Veronica
Speedwell, Baby Bomb

Well-branched spikes of pale blue blooms with a long bloom time will open from base to top on...

Dark Blue Moody Blues Veronica
Speedwell, Dark Blue Moody Blues

Compact in size, this variety has purple-blue spikes blooming through out the summer when you...

Light Blue Moody Blues Veronica
Speedwell, Light Blue Moody Blues

The vivid light blue flower spikes rise above long, narrow creased leaves on a compact plant....

Mauve Moody Blues Veronica
Speedwell, Mauve Moody Blues

Compact, long blooming hybrid with vivid mauve flower spikes over long, narrow creased leaves....