Royalty Ajuga
Ajuga, Royalty

Blue flowers rise above dark maroon-purple foliage in late spring to early summer. Deer...

Creeping White Baby's Breath
Baby's Breath, Creeping White

This Baby's Breath  is low-growing and spreads which makes it a great plant to trail over...

Admiration Barberry
Barberry, Admiration

Orange -red foliage with yellow margins turning bright red in fall.

Red Carpet Barberry
Barberry, Red Carpet

Bright orange new growth emerges in spring, turning burgundy during the summer. Plant in full...

Golden Spring Basket of Gold
Basket Of Gold, Golden Spring

Low-growing, spreading groundcover loaded with Sulphur-yellow flowers in early spring

Himalayan Border Jewel
Border Jewel, Himalayan

Also known as fleece flower. This ground cover has short spikes of deep-red flowers that fade...

Creeping Cinquefoil
Cinquefoil, Creeping

Also known as Creeping Potentilla. Long blooming, withstands heavy foot traffic, good...

Spring Cinquefoil
Cinquefoil, Spring

A mat forming perennial with bright yellow flowers that will cover the dark green foliage.

Hancock Coralberry
Coralberry, Hancock

Dwarf shrub with profusion of red berries in clusters.  This low spreading plant is excellent...

Orchid Frost Lamium
Deadnettle, Spotted Orchid Frost

Silvery leaves with a stunning blue green edge will cover the ground and sitting on top is...

Pink Pewter Lamium
Deadnettle, Spotted Pink Pewter

Silvery green leaves with narrow green margin and in spring soft salmon pink, tiny, snapdragon...