Thinleaf Alder
Alder, Thinleaf

A native tree found growing along valleys and streams. Known for its female catkins and...

Ash, Autumn Purple

Heavy green foliage in summer. Vigorous, rapid growth. Very attractive wine-red fall color.

cimmaron ash
Ash, Cimmaron

An upright rounded, seedless form having rich dark green leaves all summer and unusual fall...

Fallgold ash fall color
Ash, Fallgold

A hardy cultivar of black ash from Manitoba that is adaptable to a wide range of soil...

Mancana Ash
Ash, Mancana

Excellent medium-sized xeric tree offering sharply pointed, narrow leaves in the summer and...

Patmore Ash
Ash, Patmore

Extremely hardy in all areas and tolerant of widely differing growing conditions. Has well...

Summit Ash
Ash, Summit

This vigorous, fast-growing selection of Green Ash features a very straight trunk and...

Native Aspen grove

Light-barked native tree with golden fall color. Thrives at higher elevations, and does not...

Swedish Columnar Aspen
Aspen, Swedish Columnar

This upright European Aspen is an excellent, narrowly fastigiate tree, which was found in the...

Dawyck Gold Beech New Growth
Beech, Dawyck Gold

New spring foliage emerges a luminous bright yellow in spring, turning a deep green in summer...

Fernleaf European Beech
Beech, Fernleaf European

Densely pyramidal form having deeply cut glossy green foliage. Prefers well-drained soil....

Beech, Purple Weeping
Beech, Purple Weeping

A slow growing variety with a mushroom shape, dark purple leaves in spring turning a bronze...