Fernleaf  Buckthorn
Buckthorn, Fern Leaf

Syn. Rhamnus frangula 'Asplenifolia'.  An unusual cut-leaf variety with very fine texture. A...

Fine Line Buckthorn
Buckthorn, Fine Line

Syn. Rhamnus frangula 'Ron Williams'.  Feathery foliage and narrow, upright habit. Great...

Globe Caragana
Caragana, Globe

Small, slow-growing compact shrub. Does not sucker and has yellow flowers and small thorns.

Pygmy Caragana
Caragana, Pygmy

A.K.A. Pygmy Pea Shrub. Graceful foliage and a fine texture with light green color. Small...

Sutherland Caragana
Caragana, Sutherland

Unique columnar form with all the attributes of C. arborescens. Extremely hardy and...


Drought tolerant, aromatic shrub with white flower clusters throughout the summer. Small, gray...

Nanking Cherry
Nanking Cherry

Small pink buds open to beautiful blossoms in early spring. Edible red fruit in late summer...

Siberian Pea Shrub
Pea Shrub, Siberian

Bright yellow flowers in May-June. Extremely hardy and drought resistant. Very tolerant of...

Abbotswood Potentilla
Potentilla, Abbotswood

Compact shrub with an abundance of white flowers all season.

Dakota Sunspot Potentilla
Potentilla, Dakota Sunspot

Compact variety with large deep golden flowers produced profusely all season. One of the most...

Gold Drop Potentilla
Potentilla, Gold Drop

Graceful low shrub with bright yellow flowers all summer.

Goldfinger Potentilla
Potentilla, Goldfinger

Compact mounding shape. Large showy golden flowers up to 1 1/2" across cover the shrub all...