Glossy Leaf Angelica
Angelica, Glossy Leaf

Very glossy, deep green, compound leaves form a beautiful, rounded mound with creamy-white...

Silver Moon Strokes Aster
Aster, Stokes Silver Moon

Strappy, semi evergreeen foliage and frilly flowers that attract butterflies.

Autumn Leaves Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Autumn Leaves

Perennial with a clumping habit and rounded with leaves that hange with the season from red in...

Crimson Curls Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Crimson Curls

This compact uniformly mounded perennial has deep crimson foliage with curly edges and rising...

Georgia Peach Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Georgia Peach

a mouind of peach-colored foliage with a silvery overlay, as the weather cools it will turn...

Obsidian Heuchera
Coral Bells, Obsidian

Perennial with a clumping habit and rounded dark black purple leaves.  Flowers are small bell...

Stormy Seas Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Stormy Seas

Perennial with a clumping habit and rounded, heavily ruffled, bronze green leaves with bright...

Dalmatian Creme Foxglove
Foxglove, Dalmatian Creme

A low rosette of leaves from which spikes of creamy white flowers with speckled throats grow.<...>

Foxy Mix Foxglove
Foxglove, Foxy Mix

This mix consists of Pink, Mauve and Creamy White flowers with spotted throat that forma  a...


One of the larger shade plants available, this perennial demands attention in the garden....

Variegated Meadowsweet
Meadowsweet, Variegated

Creamy yellow splashes on green foliage. Creamy white flower plumes.Variegated foliage does...