Blue Star Juniper
Juniper, Blue Star

Forms a mounded shape of bright, steel blue star-like foliage.  Needs good drainage and...

Moonglow Juniper
Juniper, Moonglow

Bright silvery-blue foliage on a broadly pyramidal form.

Dwarf Himalayan Pine
Pine, Dwarf Himalayan

A dwarf, compact form with long silver blue needles.

Artemisia Cana
Sage, Dwarf Silver

A native shrub with silvery blue foliage, which is retained through winter. Can be an...

Fringed Sage
Sage, Fringed

Silver-green finely cut, aromatic leaves, which are evergreen. Small sulfur yellow flowers...

Silver Spiked Speedwell
Speedwell, Spiked Silver

Upright long blooming plants that are an important component to any perennial garden.  Foliage...