Lilac Lights Azalea
Azalea, Lilac Lights

Lilac Lights produces deep lilac flowers in mid-spring before leafing out for the summer.

Gallo Red Gaillardia
Blanket Flower, Gallo Red

A mound of light green leaves bearing stems of large daisy like flowers of rich burgundy-red...

Lady Fern
Fern, Lady

Lady In Red has sultry red stems surrounded by bright green, lacy fronds. New fronds arise...

Lady In Red Fern
Fern, Lady Crested

Unusual red hue on new fiddleheads adds interest to light green foliage.Also Known as Lady In...

Dre's Dagger Lady Fern
Fern, Lady Dre's Dagger

This Lady Fern has deeply cut, lacy, light green fronds.

Bridget Bloom Foam Bells
Foam Bells, Bridget Bloom

Leaves resemble that of coralbell leaves.  Starry, soft pink flowers on branched stalks rise...

Yellow Ice Plant
Ice Plant, Yellow

Great groundcover with yellow daisy-like flowers. Foliage is light green with a purplish cast...

Vanilla Twist Redbud
Redbud, Vanilla Twist

A small tree with beautifully cascading branches. Early Spring the branches burst into bloom...

Neon Sedum
Sedum, Neon

Large bright pink blooms on light green foliage which provides wonderful late summer and fall...