Black Scallop Ajuga
Ajuga, Black Scallop

Fast growing ground cover, for shade, that has beautiful dark maroon to almost black scalloped...

Rosy Rocket Barberry
Barberry, Rosy Rocket

Rosy Rocket Barberry has burgundy foliage which emerges coral-pink in spring. A dense multi...

 Royal Burgundy Barberry
Barberry, Royal Burgundy

A improved selection from Crimson Pygmy with richer burgundy foliage that holds it's color...

Royal Cloak Barberry
Barberry, Royal Cloak

Royal Cloak ia a fountain shaped shrub with very large burgundy leaves (for a berberry) and...

Crimson Frost Birch
Birch, Crimson Frost

This birch tree is known for its showy burgundy leaves with great contrast to the creamy white...

Mahogany Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Mahogany

Dramatic color created with glossy, mahogany-red ruffled foliage which has purple tones in the...

Red Emperor Maple
Maple, Red Emperor

A Japanese maple with a upright habit with outstanding burgundy-red foliage. This plant needs...

Trombley's Sentinal Maple
Maple, Twombley's Sentinal

Twombley's Sentenial is a narrow upright variety with small palm shaped leaves that emerge red...

Burgundy Candy Ninebark
Ninebark, Burgundy Candy

The rich burgundy foliage persists through fall. White flowers top the burgundy foliage in...

Tiny Wine Ninebark
Ninebark, Tiny Wine

This dwarf variety flowers with bright pinkish white blooms all along branches in late spring....

Firecracker Sedum
Sedum, Firecracker

A rich blanket of color in those hot, sunny areas. Deep burgundy foliage

Harry Lauder's Walking Stick 'Red Dragon '
Walking Stick, Harry Lauder's 'Red Dragon'

Unique appearance to these twisted contorted branches. Dark burgundy leaves tfade to green and...