Carnival Coffee Bean Heuchera
Coral Bells, Carnival Coffee Bean

A low mounding plant with warm caramel accents to the large leaves, dainty flower spikes rise...

Carnival Watermelon Heuchera
Coral Bells, Carnival Watermelon

Textured peach-pink foliage that transitions to a bronze green forming a low mound which tall,...

Northern Exposure Amber Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Northern Exposure Amber

Brilliant, amber-colored, rounded leaves. This plant will give any shade garden a pop of color...

Othello Ligularia photo courtesy of Bailey Nursery
Ligularia, Othello

The most attractive feature of this Ligularia is it's large leathery greenish bronze foliage...

Sedge, Leatherleaf
Sedge, Leatherleaf

Clumping grass with showy copper-red leaves. Moist soil, full to partial sun.