Pygmy Globe Arborvitae
Arborvitae, Pygmy Globe

A dwarf, globe-shaped, compact evergreen. Bright green foliage. 

Alexander's White Candytuft
Candytuft, Alexander's White

Low growing mounding ground cover which has tiny, pure white flowers in clusters and blooms...

Purity Candytuft
Candytuft, Purity

A mounded perennial with pure white flowers and bright green foilage that is a popular spring...

Brandon Pink Coral Bells
Coral Bells, Brandon Pink

Bright pink, large flowers with bright green foliage

Cinnamon Fern
Fern, Cinnamon

In early summer narrow fronds emerge as vertical spikes of cinnamon red brown in the center....

Yellow Flax
Flax, Yellow

It is a small compact plant with lemon yellow flowers from June until September.This is a...

White Nugget Ice Plant
Ice Plant , White Nugget

This new variety is characterized by it's low, compact spreading habit, and bright green...

Buffalo Juniper
Juniper, Buffalo

Feathery, bright green foliage year round. Irregular spreading shape with mounded appearance...

Green Mound Juniper
Juniper, Green Mound

Compact form with a mounding, creeping growth habit and bluish-green foliage.  Great for rock...

Green Lavender Cotton
Lavender Cotton, Green

Santolina has bright green fragrant foliage and will be covered with small yellow button...

Maltese Cross
Maltese Cross

Upright clump forming perennial with bright green foliage on tall stems that produce scarlet...

Dusseldorf' Pride Sea Thrift
Sea Thrift, Dusseldorf Pride

Low mounds of bright green, grassy foliage and pink-red pom-pom blooms on stalks in spring and...