Whipcord Arborvitae
Arborvitae, Whipcord

A dense, multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with fine texture and gracefully arching branches....

Vardar Valley Boxwood
Boxwood, Vardar Valley

A hardy, compact, rounded variety from the Balkans, growing wider than tall, with slightly...

Piccolo Balsam Fir
Fir, Balsam Piccolo

This specimen has short, flattened deep green, glossy needles and is a great accent for any...

Blue Cloak Concolor Fir
Fir, Concolor Blue Cloak

A beautiful dwarf cultivar with striking powder blue, medium sized needles arranged on gently...

Douglas Fir cones
Fir, Douglas

Douglas fir is native to Colorado, not a true fir and has short-stalked flat blue-green to...

Graceful Grace Douglas Fir
Fir, Graceful Grace Douglas

Graceful Grace has long green needles with silver on the back side, the needles are contorted...

English Ivy
Ivy, English

Also known as Baltic or Thorndale Ivy.  Trailing ground cover or climbing vine, with leathery...

Alpine Carpet Juniper
Juniper, Alpine Carpet

Soft textured, deep blue-green foliage on a low dense spreading habit.

Andorra Juniper
Juniper, Andorra

Compact, mounding juniper adorned with light green foliage that turns plum color in winter. ...

Arcadia Juniper
Juniper, Arcadia

This variety has rich, dark green color on graceful arching branches. 

Mini Arcadia Juniper
Juniper, Arcadia Mini

A lower form of Arcadia, that spreads slightly larger once mature. Can tolerate poor soils and...

Armstrong Juniper
Juniper, Armstrong

Horizontal growth with a rounded habit. Holds color well into winter.Will tolerate shade.