Purple Mountain African Daisy
African Daisy, Purple Mountain

This hardy to zone 5 perennial has a long bloom period during which bright purple daisies...

Glossy Leaf Angelica
Angelica, Glossy Leaf

Very glossy, deep green, compound leaves form a beautiful, rounded mound with creamy-white...

Blazing Sunset Geum
Avens, Blazing Sunset

This plant forms a low clump of course green leaves, with branching stems that hold up double...

Boris Avens
Avens, Boris

Cheerful orange-red flower with yellow centers rise above course dark green foliage that is...

Fireball Avens
Avens, Fireball

This plant bears branching stems with semi double golden yellow flowers that are edged with...

 Lady Stratheden Geum
Avens, Lady Stratheden

This plant forms a low clump of course dark green foliage and branching stems that hold semi...

Mango Lassi Geum
Avens, Mango Lassi

Mound forming dark green foliage with strong stems that hold up double flowers in shades of...

Mrs. Bradshaw Avens
Avens, Mrs. Bradshaw

This plant forms a low mound of course green leaves, with strong stems that hold up semi...

Totally Tangerine Avens
Avens, Totally Tangerine

Mounded, fuzzy, dark green foliage and from the mound strong fuzzy stems will grow and warm...

Elfin Pink Penstemon
Beardtongue, Elfin Pink

Small clump forming perennial with pink, two-lipped, tubular flowers on upright stems.

Firecracker Beardtongue
Beardtongue, Firecracker

The foliage forms a low rosette and from that sturdy stalks with many tubular scarlet to...