Butter and Sugar Siberian Iris
Iris, Siberian Butter and Sugar

This Siberian Iris form clumps of upright grass like foliage with butterfly like flowers of...

White Swirl Siberian Iris
Iris, Siberian White Swirl

This taller selection of Siberian Iris is known for it's pure white butterfly like flowers...

Housi Pear
Pear, Hosui

A Asian pear with a sweet, snappy, tangy taste that the skin turns a bronze golden rusted...

Red Rage Tupelo
Tupelo, Red Rage

Dark green glossy foliage in summer and with the onset of fall the foliage turns bright red.

Engelmann Ivy
Virginia Creeper

Also known as Englemann Ivy or Woodbine.  A climber that does well in sun or shade.  Very...