Daisy's White Alberta Spruce
Alberta Spruce, Daisy's White

Creamy white-yellow new growth in spring. This Alberta Spruce needs shade.more shade that a...

Vardar Valley Boxwood
Boxwood, Vardar Valley

A hardy, compact, rounded variety from the Balkans, growing wider than tall, with slightly...

Snowflake Candytuft
Candytuft, Snowflake

A carpet of large pure white clusters in spring on an evergreen variety of the popular plant.<...>

Piccolo Balsam Fir
Fir, Balsam Piccolo

This specimen has short, flattened deep green, glossy needles and is a great accent for any...

Tylers Blue Balsam Fir
Fir, Balsam Tyler Blue

A beautiful compact tree with a pyramidal habit and fantastic bright-blue needles providing...

Alpine Carpet Juniper
Juniper, Alpine Carpet

Soft textured, deep blue-green foliage on a low dense spreading habit.

Andorra Juniper
Juniper, Andorra

Compact, mounding juniper adorned with light green foliage that turns plum color in winter. ...

Arcadia Juniper
Juniper, Arcadia

This variety has rich, dark green color on graceful arching branches. 

Mini Arcadia Juniper
Juniper, Arcadia Mini

A lower form of Arcadia, that spreads slightly larger once mature. Can tolerate poor soils and...

Bar Harbor Juniper
Juniper, Bar Harbor

 A low growing, spreading variety that makes an excellent groundcover.The foliage is blue-gray...

Blue Chip Juniper
Juniper, Blue Chip

Silvery-blue color on a low mounding, spreading plant.  Silvery plum purple in winter.

Blue Star Juniper
Juniper, Blue Star

Forms a mounded shape of bright, steel blue star-like foliage.  Needs good drainage and...