Lemon Lights Azalea
Azalea, Lemon Lights

Resulted from crosses made between R. x kosteranum and R. prinophyllum. Deciduous. Likes...

Lime Glow Barberry
Barberry, Lime Glow

A green version of Rose Glow, this variety has mottled green, red and yellow foliage giving it...

Barberry, Mentor

Drought tolerant hybrid known for its semi-evergreen foliage and gnarly three pronged thorns....

Rose Glow Barberry
Barberry, Rose Glow

Dense, thorny, compact shrub offering maroon foliage mottled with pink on new growth, yellow...

Burning Bush
Burning Bush

Bright red fall color. Dense grower with cork-winged twigs.

Compact Burning Bush Fall Color
Burning Bush, Compact

Dense green foliage turning to bright red in fall. Compact form of Burning Bush.

Burning Bush, Grove Compact

A great new euonymus that is an improvement over regular compact burning bush. The wings are...

Pagoda Dogwood
Dogwood, Pagoda

Horizontal branching habit forming tiered look. Blue-black fruit appears in summer. Purpleish...

Chocolate Ball Sedum
Sedum, Chocolate Ball

This unique stonecrop forms a low spreading mound of milk-chocolate,needle-like leaves that...

Oakleaf Sedum
Sedum, Oakleaf

Useful in boarders and along edges.  Gray green foliage holds clusters of red or pink flowers....

Russian Sedum
Sedum, Russian

Forms a low carpet of small, scalloped green leaves, spreading to form a thick patch.Bright...

Bonfire Spurge
Spurge, Bonfire

Deep Purple, Red and Orange foliage with a touch of chartruese. The foliage turns vibrant red...