Delaware Grape
Grape, Delaware

A hardy vine that produces red, sweet grapes that are used for fresh eating, desserts and are...

Edelweiss Grape
Grape, Edelweiss

Greenish White grape with high sugar content. Excellent for desserts and wines.

Himrod Grape
Grape, Himrod

The hardiest and most popular seedless table grape for our area. It is highly productive and...

Interlaken Grape
Grape, Interlaken

Interlaken produces a golden yellow when ripe (white grape), medium sized, high quality grape....


Striking groundcover with bright blue flowers and maroon colored leaves in the fall. Preforms...

Rosa glauca
Rose, Redleaf

Syn. Rosa rubrifolia. This shrub rose species is grown as much for the fruit and foliage as...