Douglas Fir cones
Fir, Douglas

Douglas fir is native to Colorado, not a true fir and has short-stalked flat blue-green to...

Alpine Carpet Juniper
Juniper, Alpine Carpet

Soft textured, deep blue-green foliage on a low dense spreading habit.

Arcadia Juniper
Juniper, Arcadia

This variety has rich, dark green color on graceful arching branches. 

Mini Arcadia Juniper
Juniper, Arcadia Mini

A lower form of Arcadia, that spreads slightly larger once mature. Can tolerate poor soils and...

Calgary Carpet Juniper
Juniper, Calgary Carpet

Tight, tiered habit with feathery edges on a very hardy spreader. Bright green foliage.

Scandia Juniper
Juniper, Scandia

Hardy spreader with medium green foliage. Ideal for poor soil conditions and hot, dry areas.

Shadow's Broom Oriental Spruce
Spruce, Oriental Shadow’s Broom

Shadow’ Broom’s new growth appears a bright green in spring and quickly matures to a deep,...

Spruce, Siberian Spreading

Expansa has silvery blue underside to its needles with green blue on top which gives it nice...

Summer Snowflake Viburnum
Viburnum, Summer Snowflake

Broadly rounded form to this medium-size deciduous shrub. Its tiered horizontal branches...